• A First Class User Experience

    Super-fast game speed and the added functionalities of being able to play up to 100 tables, see discards, settling scores with your opponent and many more. OpenFace by PokerAce is the most enjoyable and feature packed Chinese Poker application on the market.

  • Multi-Table

    The ability to play up to an astonishing 100 games at any one time against multiple opponents, you will never run out of fun with OpenFace by PokerAce. The app is optimized for you to go to the next game in the smoothest possible way.

  • All The Information You Need

    OpenFace by PokerAce gives you all the relevant information right at your fingertips. You get real-time statistics and player profiles for both yourself and your opponents. You can also review your game history at anytime.

The Widest Game Selection

At launch, OpenFace by PokerAce offer traditional Chinese Poker, Open Face Chinese Poker and Open Face Pineapple with additional variations to follow. You can choose scoring multiplier when creating and create multiple tables at once. It is also easy invite your Facebook friends to join a new game.